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About PlayCore

PlayCore helps build stronger communities around the world by advancing play through research, programs, and partnerships. We infuse this learning into our complete family of brands. We combine best in class planning and education programs with the most comprehensive array of recreation products available to create solutions that match the unique needs of each community we serve. 

We are committed to helping communities infuse outdoor fitness opportunities into their lives through the combination of best practice programming and durable, easy to use products. The program Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks, Best Practices for Promoting Community Health by Increasing Physical Activity, created in collaboration with our panel of experts, helps identify the unique benefits of outdoor exercise, and how to ensure community spaces offer the tools for a well rounded workout. With more than eight decades of experience, we are honored to be country's leading provider of educational play & recreation solutions. PlayCore is a learning company, and we are collaborators who look forward to working side by side with our clients to realize solutions that are inventive, imaginative, and produce desired outcomes.

Advisory Board